Forget and Remember (Love)

This afternoon my girl and I had an exchange where I got upset with her for trying to wear plastic princess shoes to the grocery store again, and she got upset with for being upset! We were both out of our best for ten minutes. Out shopping an hour later, I discussed it with her.

Her – “I forgot about loving. Sorry, Daddy.”

My heart melted instantly at her sweet and poignant statement.

Me – “I …forgot, too, honey. Sorry.”

It could not be said more simply and profoundly. “I forgot about loving. Sorry.”

Later, I proudly brought up her comment again and added to it…

Me – “You know, we all forget about loving, at times; forget who we are.”

Her – “Yah, it’s okay.”

Me – “Then we can remember again, like the song I sing to you…”You are love, you are light.” Yah?”

Her – “Yah. Then we can remember.”

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