You Just Shop (Humor, Communication)

It’s always interesting to hear how my child perceives me. It can help me understand if I need to communicate something different in my word or actions or just help my own awareness. One such moment came today when she called the mother of her friend to set up a play date.

Her – “Did you call her?”

Me – “I sent her a message but haven’t heard back.”

Her – “Oh.”

Me – “She works full-time, honey, at a regular job. I don’t have that same set up.. I am sort of free.”

Her – “Yah, you just shop.”

Funny. So, my tendency to shop for us for groceries by the day the way Europeans do or at least used to do is perceived by my girl as my profession. I can hear it now…

Friend – “What does your Dad do?”

Her – “He shops.”

Guess I need to explain to her a little more what I’m up to in life and why I have created the flexible schedule I have. It’s for my passions, starting with caring for her. Not sure what you call that profession, but that’s what I am.

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