Being a Grinch Paid Off

DSC01953We did a lot of Christmas decoration browsing yesterday. She saw a hundred things she wanted, but all our store stops wrought her only new socks and a candy cane ornament, which she bought on her own.

“That ornament is cheap and big. It’s not going to remain on the tree because you’re going to want to play with it, aren’t you?” She squirmed and smiled, which was a yes even though she said, “Noooo.” So, I told her that if she wanted it, I’d buy it, but she would need to pay me $2 for it at home. She has a piggy bank for saving and another one for ‘fancy and whim’ purchases. “I’m not going to buy something that is likely to break in a day. If you want one of these other ones, I’ll get it.” She chose the one she would buy and plopped it in the cart.

Back home, a couple hours later, she went right for her room. “There’s one!” she said, placing a wrinkled up dollar in my hand with a big smile. My heart melted. This little girl giving me money for a Christmas ornament. What a Grinch I’m being. Wanted to say, “Oh, that’s okay, honey.” But I knew that was not best. She’d save money, but lose lessons and the chance to cultivate an abundance mindset with money. “Thank you. That’s plenty.” Off she skipped feeling good and powerful. She had kept her word. She had exercised her own freedom to choose. She had experienced herself as having enough and being seen as such a person. Excellent! All important seeds to nurture for a free and satisfying life.

The subject of money is not something I spend a lot of time on with her, but I touch on it here and there. This one worked out well for both of us. She was empowered, and I had no frustration when I saw the top of the candy cane ornament yanked off and chipped an hour later.

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