Pathetic (Quality time, Priorities, Creativity)

Just got her to bed after a full afternoon and evening.

At school pick-up, she asked for a play date with one of her friends. I said yes. Her friend’s mom said okay. Off we went. I let go of my plans to help her with a creative school project, happy to let them do their thing while I worked more on my show in their midst. They escaped into a world without structure, combining stuffed animals, chess, play houses, and dress up costumes into endless pleasure.

Later, I asked if they wanted help with chess. Fortunately, they said no, as I would have ruined the game they invented with a chess board. My only involvement other than bearer of food and drink was to be the pretend monster climbing a tower into Isabella’s house. But they tackled me, used pretend glue to lodge me to the floor or put up force fields around it to prevent my entry. At one point, I managed to get in and they cowered, giggling under her bed. “Hey, don’t let me get in!” I said. They jumped up and charged me. That’s more like it.

After her friend left, she kept right on. She cut a hole in her dress up clothes box and strung it and two chairs together to make a train that she dragged around the house. Finally, she built a new bed for herself tonight next to mine. I told her I wasn’t thrilled about the posture it would keep her in. But liking her creative living, I compromised and helped her make it more amenable. We squeezed in two stories, and she fell asleep with her hand in mine listening to peaceful music. How did I get so lucky? I know, I’m pathetic. But I just love taking care of her.

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