A Summer Day (Emotional state of parent, Moments, Enjoying the journey, Spontaneity, Grandparents)


Well, Daddy woke up moody. That’s unusual for me. Usually, even if not ebullient, I’m at least content and optimistic. Nothing to do with her. Not the best eating the night before, up late editing, and psychological upheaval subconsciously from some imperatives and shifts.

Late morning, in the car…

Me – “I woke up a little moody today.”

Her – “That’s okay.”

Told her I was working on getting into a better place, and I did. Focusing on calmness and gratitude helped. Some meaningful interactions while out and about evened me out.

After lunch, the sky was looking somewhat ominous.

Her – “No adventure today, I guess.”

Me – “We can do it. It’s okay if it rains a little. Let’s go some place new.”

On the way to Lido Beach, I connected her with her Nonna. My Mom always has time for her and loves engaging her. We finished off with an Italian lesson of three new words for her. Ice cream was her next idea, and I could hardly refuse. Had I known that it would total $14, I would have. But we had fun there.


The beach was a blast; a couple hours of constant play. She often asked me about sharks. At one point, I was talking with her about how she might handle things if, for any reason, I needed help. She listened but then interrupted with, “Let’s dance.” Next thing I know, we’re ball room dancing in the ocean.

We got home late afternoon, both feeling very satisfied. I knocked out a couple more edits for my TV Show while she drew and our dinner cooked. By this time, I was the polar opposite of how I felt this morning.


Our evening included a fun academic workbook, practicing writing numbers 1-5 (was so proud of her for that), a story and… when I didn’t think I had one more thing in me… a chase. “Please, Daddy, one little chase.” Wanted to say no, but what is thirty seconds for some fun for her. Fine! Finally, tucked in, I told her that it would just be a big long hug tonight as after lots of play time together, I had to get to editing. She understood and was soon asleep to her Nonna music box serenade.

We had a very enriching day. Looking forward to our tomorrow…