One Little Brick (Fostering independence)


My girl likes a little gift on her return from visits to her mom. Tonight, I had it nestled in her freshly washed favorite ‘giraffe blankie’ ready to greet her when she walked in.

Usually, it’s a little art project gift. This particular package of gifts had two intentions.

First, help with her transition back home.

Second, help her in little ways to gain some independence. It contained a tube of xylitol gum, her own tea tree oil mouthwash, and seven packs of Kids Emergen-C, so she doesn’t have to ask me. Instead of asking me for these things, she has her own supply.

Little things like this add up in forming that sense of independence and capability. It may just be one brick in that mindset in the thousands upon thousands that will need to be laid, but every bit counts.

Besides, it made her happy to have her own supply. We all like to do our own thing and not have to ask for permission for everything!