No More Chicken! (Appreciation, Cooking, Variety)

Was just telling a friend recently that I need to add more variety to our dinners. “I’m bored with my cooking,” I lamented. Guess my girl agreed. Tonight, I made us salmon in lemon and garlic, specially prepared potatoes and green beans. Nothing earth-shattering, but not our norm of the last couple months. Set it in front of her, and she said, “You made a really nice dinner, Daddy.” I don’t ever expect words of appreciation from her for dinner, but I was touched that she noticed the effort. Told her that expressing appreciation to me felt good. And, I guess it’s true that praise works wonders as I’m wanting to surprise her soon with something new and tasty. I’ll never catch up to my own Mom who is an icon to me of making ‘the effort’ for her family, but a little stretch on my part is in order. Thinking that avocado salad she makes is my next thing to master, because I’m about to implode if I see another chicken.