Even in a Garbage Can (Beauty, Identity)

She’s never played with dolls, but, perhaps, seeing other girls with Barbie’s, she wanted them. I can’t stand the things; think they promote an unhealthy message for girls. Nevertheless, I relented as my Mom decided to get her some Barbie like dolls for Christmas.

Yesterday, she was playing with one of them in the car as the four of us drove around.

Her – “You even look beautiful in a garbage can!”

I laughed along with my parents and smiled inside.

On a number of occasions when she was very little, to counter all the “I love your dress! I love your shoes! I love your hair!” messages she would get from women – I would tell her, “Your dress is beautiful, but you would be just as beautiful to me if you were dressed in a garbage bag.”

She always looked at me quizzically as she processed it. But, I guess it sunk in.

My girl is still very ‘girly.’ She loves to dress up and enjoys the compliments. That’s fine with me. And… it’s nice to know a deeper definition of beauty is alive inside of her.

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