Little Nudges (Providing reasonable challenges)


We made the cover for her Curiosity Book binder. Good fun and creativity. Then, when she was struggling to re-write an ‘s’ I got on her case. She protested that sometimes she forgets. Fair argument at five. But I responded with, “No, it is the second letter in your name which you write nearly every day at school. If you want to play games like candy crush on the tablet then you need to be able to write the whole alphabet no problem.” She promptly pulled out a piece of paper and pumped out the whole alphabet in upper case, only struggling with ‘G.’ “Very good. Now, next is for you to be able to do upper and lower case.” I scribbled it out quickly and told her she could work on that over time, but she wanted to practice immediately. “See, I did it.” We agreed that mastering it was one tenth of earning my tablet as her own. She likes these little challenges, and I patted her head and told her, “You’re doing great, honey. You’re doing great.”

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