Surprised But No Hurry (Childhood first, Appreciating teachers)

Was having dinner last night with my 5yr-old girl when she surprised me with her knowledge. We had received a number tag for our dinner, which I placed in front of us on the table. All of a sudden, she said, “Forty-seven.” Last I knew, she was still struggling to identify numbers in the teens, and I wasn’t pressuring her. “Wow! You know that? How do you know that is forty-seven?” She replied, “I just know.” She then looked at a collection of unused number tags and started reeling them off. “Eighty-five, sixty-two, forty-six…” Amazed, I again prodded. She replied, ” I don’t know. I just think.” She eventually conceded that she had learned it at school. Mentioned it to one of her teachers this morning, and she said, “That’s the great thing about the way we teach here, they think they’re just playing.” Well, though I envision a school environment that is even more play-based and creative, I’m happy to hear that this mentality is there. My daily drive time feels a little more valuable now. Proud and grateful… but I’m still taking her in late consistently and minimizing five day school weeks. Childhood before learning. After all, what is the hurry?

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