Another Bridge Crossed (Milestones, Courage, Fostering independence)


First bike trip over the bridge with a goal to get to the ‘Granary.’ As we arrived, she said, “Good job!” to herself. Indeed. Six miles for those little legs. A bit nerve-wracking for me but proud of her courage and smarts out there. She was so sleepy after dinner that she brushed her teeth without me asking and put herself to bed.


Ready for Show and Tell (Personal pride, Creative projects)


All set for Show and Tell. We practiced the planet names and a couple talking points on our 25 minute drive. From a parent by the car door to one of her teachers at her class door, people stopped to look and express their delight. One boy wanted to touch the sun. She was beaming and skipping, clearly proud of her creation and what she had to share. I left feeling a little emotional, unsure why. Maybe it was seeing her feel so good in a social setting and knowing that my time investment on the project mattered. But then again, I can become a sappy Daddy pretty easily. Just glad she is smiling…