Primary Life Intentions (Fun, Enjoying the journey, Adventures, Clarity about Life of children)

This afternoon, we were looking at inspirational plaques. One had the words Peace, Dreams, and Imagination.

Me – “What are your dreams?”

Her – “To be fun. To have new journeys and adventures.”

I’m sure some specific ones will form in the coming years, but it was interesting to hear that at this age the dream is to feel good and enjoy a great ride. How clear these children are that it is the point of it all.

As she grows up, I will do my best to not let my parenting or to let schooling pull her into emphasizing otherwise as primary life intentions.

Back in the Thick of It (Daily parenting efforts, Quality time, Building character)

Nonna and Papa headed back home.

When my parents visit, my Mom tries to lighten my load, even if I don’t mind the daily parenting effort. She beats me to laundry, plans most of the meals and tends to my girl with the Nonna touch. I do appreciateĀ all of her help.

But that’s over. Rolled up my sleeves today, and it was good fun.

After stumbling around unsuccessfully for my office improvement, we got her a new swim suit, which is an annual birthday tradition. I had a weak moment as a dad and let her get her way with a two-piece. Not the skin that I care about. It’s hearing, “Daddy, I can’t find the other piece,” which will be a mantra this summer, sadly and cost me time. Could kick myself. Oh well, she liked it, and it was $10. Done for 2014. After dinner, took her to dance class where she had fun expressing herself. Can’t beat that.

Chased this evening in the yard with a giant exercise ball. She turned, and I kicked it at her from twenty feet away. It sailed through the air, hit her in her upper back and knocked her clear off her feet. I was prepared for crying and started rushing, but she burst out laughing. Was so proud of her for not dramatizing but finding the humor in it since it hadn’t hurt. I explained this as this will serve her well in life. She nodded.

We biked on the tennis court, and she wanted me to chase. Finally, I caught her, and she was not pleased; started pouting. I gave her no sympathy. “No, don’t start whining. It’s a game, and you just stood there when I cornered you. Don’t just stand there.” That is not my competitive side. That is my wanting her to not fold mentally or physically. Stay calm and find a way! She accepted this logic, stopped complaining and challenged me to tag her again with her new found evasion skills.

Shower time.

“Use conditioner!”

Fun hoola hooping with friends cheering her on

A popsicle and two stories we read slowly together.

Seems like a whole week of life in one afternoon and evening, but I loved it all. She even laughed when she finally understood what I meant by “Do you want some cheese with that whining?”

Of course, the evening wouldn’t be complete without a request for an ice pack for a minor head bump she incurred at Lowe’s five hours ago. Such seemingly absurd requests used to annoy me, but I have learned that ice packs and band-aids have a strangely soothing power. Can’t argue with that.

Night little one.

More fun tomorrow…

Her Next 5 Years (Setting intentions, Savoring the journey, A child’s idea of succeeding)


It was so beautiful out tonight that I took out a blanket and cuddled up with her outside instead of taking her to her bed. Stars, the sound of waves crashing from the Gulf of Mexico… it seemed like a perfect way to start her sixth year. Like last night, I asked her her intentions for her next five years. “To be happy, be outside, ride my bike, play with friends, laugh every day…” She eventually settled, and I spoke powerful affirming words and sang “So safe, so loved,” as she fell asleep. Before taking her to bed, I gazed at the stars and thought about my intentions. Onward together…