Just Forget About It (Happiness, Law of attraction, Wisdom of a child)


Last night, on top of feeling a slight malaise, I got frustrated as I debated how to deal with someone’s lack of good judgment and attention with my girl. Will leave it at that. For the first time, I sort of opened up about my frustration about this person to my girl and asked her why she’s not bothered by it more. She didn’t know. I sort of do. After I lamented about it for another couple minutes, she said…

Her – “Just forget about it.”

Me – “Just forget about it?”

Her – “Yeah, just forget about it and think about good things.”

Me – “Think about good things? Like what?”

Her – “Happiness. Being excited. Be excited that you did two TV shows. Things like that.”

I smiled at her with admiration. Here I was at 43 having read too many books in my life on mindset, attitude, creating your reality, and here she was having read not a one but schooling me on Life 101.

Me – “You know a few things about life, don’t you?”

She nodded.

Me – “What do you understand about life?”

Her – “Happiness.”

It’s funny because while I was talking about this person and my issues with her behavior I did flash on something I heard about the law of attraction and the futility of wallowing in the complaint. But I ignored it. She has never heard that material but knew not to ignore it.

No Regrets Summer Days (Quality time, Priorities, Childhood only comes once)


I’ve always found it challenging to fully live up to my vision for summer with her. You know, you have all these big plans for adventures, creativity and learning and then the days pass. Well, this summer I am on it.

She is in an acting, dance and singing camp half day so I know she’s getting fun, creativity and connection there. Three days ago, I started a commitment to reading with her more over the summer, plunging back into Moby Dick. Today, I started a plan to stop by the library after camp each day and read two books. We ended up staying there three hours, taking advantage too of their silk screening project for kids. There, she mustered courage to ask three other kids for a crayon. It’s a big deal for her, and I took advantage of the moment to affirm the importance of courage in life.


In the evening, she had her final day of hip hop. She was tired but I nudged her to go, and she was glad. The night held an extra serving of fun and connection with some friends in the pool. She went to bed exhausted and happy, and I topped it off with setting her intentions for tomorrow… safe, fun, loving and being loved, and learning. It was a perfect summer day. Now just to do it over and over. But I am up for it. This needs to be a summer to remember. No regrets! Childhood passes too quickly, and I treasure every day with her.