Just Forget About It (Happiness, Law of attraction, Wisdom of a child)


Last night, on top of feeling a slight malaise, I got frustrated as I debated how to deal with someone’s lack of good judgment and attention with my girl. Will leave it at that. For the first time, I sort of opened up about my frustration about this person to my girl and asked her why she’s not bothered by it more. She didn’t know. I sort of do. After I lamented about it for another couple minutes, she said…

Her – “Just forget about it.”

Me – “Just forget about it?”

Her – “Yeah, just forget about it and think about good things.”

Me – “Think about good things? Like what?”

Her – “Happiness. Being excited. Be excited that you did two TV shows. Things like that.”

I smiled at her with admiration. Here I was at 43 having read too many books in my life on mindset, attitude, creating your reality, and here she was having read not a one but schooling me on Life 101.

Me – “You know a few things about life, don’t you?”

She nodded.

Me – “What do you understand about life?”

Her – “Happiness.”

It’s funny because while I was talking about this person and my issues with her behavior I did flash on something I heard about the law of attraction and the futility of wallowing in the complaint. But I ignored it. She has never heard that material but knew not to ignore it.

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