Power In Different Forms (Girl power, Confidence)

Out shopping, I asked her for a piggy back ride. She pretended to go along with it, and I commented how amazing it would be if she was that powerful; that girls are powerful. It somehow turned into her commenting…

Her – “But not as much as boys.”

I stopped dead in my tracks and looked right at her

Me – “Excuse me?!!! Excuse me?!!!”

She froze not knowing what to say.

Me – “Girls are just as powerful as boys.”

Her – “Okay.”

Me – “Besides, being powerful is more than muscles. You can be powerful with your mind, powerful with your heart, powerful with your smarts, too.”


Me – “Let me ask you something, if a boy tries to force himself through a locked door and a girl walks up with a key and goes right in, who is more powerful?”

Her – “The girl.”

Me – “Exactly.”

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