Getting Dirty at School (Childhood first, Outdoor play)

Must be doing something right as a parent. I was called in to pick up my girl from school as she and two friends had jumped and rolled in mud on the playground. I told one administrator, “Phew, I was concerned when I got the call that something bad had happened.” According to one of her teachers, my girl was “the star” mud diver and she led the charge. Proud of her. In the car, driving home, I said, “Did you feel badly (in the office) when they were upset?” She said no. “Why?” Her answer – “Because it was fun.” Well, she did say she wanted to have fun at school! Now, obviously, I did explain to her why it was hard for the school to contend with muddy children. She promised not to do it too much. Guess I better send extra clothes. What would childhood be without mud, and what is a school if not first and foremost for childhood? They handled it pretty well. Her teacher confided in me set she had taken a picture.

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