The Best Present (Love, A child’s heart)

The gifts come daily in various forms.

She says “I love you, Daddy” almost as many times as I think about chocolate. She draws hearts incessantly and makes creative things for me like its her profession. Storing them all may soon become mine.

This evening, with my birthday on her mind, she rounded the corner excitedly…

Her – “Daddy, I have a present for you, and it’s coming to you right now.”

She embraced me.

Her – “This is your present.”

Took it in, all that sweet love…

Me – “And it’s my favorite.”

Time for 22 Minutes (Quality time, Being present, Power of 20 minutes)

Think she was fiddling with a timer app when we pulled to a stop in our driveway early evening…

Her – “Can we play twenty-two minutes?”

Me – “Twenty-two? Why twenty-two?”

Her – “Because I love you.”

Me – “Absolutely. Let’s do it right now!”

I’m a big believer in ‘getting on the board’ each day with some quality time. But sometimes it’s hard to get excited about the same thing or other adult issues and tasks are pressing on my mind and schedule competing for attention.

Just twenty minutes worked wonders. Interestingly enough, with a defined time, I felt compelled to be fully present with a fun-loving spirit. We did tricks on bikes and played soccer in the backyard in a creative way.

Turns out thirty-two minutes had passed when I decided it was time to focus on making our dinner.