Get on the Board (Quality time, Stability, Time says I love you best)

I woke up exhausted from organizing a bonfire party yesterday. Great fun us, just tiring. After my morning tennis lessons, I collapsed into a delicious two-hour Sunday afternoon nap.

Meanwhile, in perfect timing, my girl was spending the day with friends looking for shark teeth. So, it wasn’t until early evening that we spent time together.

My philosophy is that I grade myself by the week as a parent. That way I’m not too hard on myself day to day. But I need to try to ‘get on the board’ each day with her in terms of quality time. Does it always happen? No. But I don’t let myself get off course off for long.

We are around each other for hours most days, but quality time is different. It’s being present and connected in her world. After her safety and health, it’s most important.

So, tonight, I took her up on her offer to play a board game she had just been gifted. Next, she wanted to wrestle, so it was off to my bed to tackle and tickle. She loves to tackle me! It was topped off with reading ‘Alice in Wonderland’ together and snuggles. Guess it was a good ninety minutes. She went to bed on time and happy.

If I hadn’t gotten on the board with her she would still have been okay. But I believe our quality time resulted in her going to bed feeling fully loved and filled up. Big difference in her world.

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