Extra Connection Days (Quality time, Stability, Playing in her world)

After picking her up from school, I stopped at a do it yourself car wash. While I vacuumed, she danced around the car excitedly encouraging me. Talk about making the mundane fun!

Back home, I committed myself to going right into play time. Silly walks was her first request, followed by Katy Perry videos, play-doh and biking to a nearby bridge. Sometimes, I don’t want to do the things she enjoys, but I can get into it for 20 minutes and change it up.

I digress. This got us to dinner time.

While I cooked, she did a reading and writing book with my persuasion. We had a relaxing, healthy dinner. Then it was bath time for her. I wanted her to condition her hair extra long while I read more from Alice in Wonderland, as it was quite dry. Finally, it was a board game with a friend joining us.

At bedtime, I put on meditation music as usual and looked in her eyes for a moment before turning off the light.

Me – “Let me see you.” Told her how much I enjoyed our time.

Her – “Together” she said, smiling.

Me – “Yes, together. You’re precious.”

With the light off, I shared three things I appreciate in my life. She took her turn with a longer list and summed it up

Her – “All good thoughts.”

Nice! I’m so happy for her that at such a young age she understands the connection between her thoughts and feeling good and that it’s a daily habit.

One of her gratitude statements was “for our wonderful world.” I smiled to myself thinking what an innocent and beautiful experience of life she has. As it should be. Her day ended with a back massage and snuggles as I said my usual affirmations. She was asleep at eight.

I think these extended quality time days are important 2-3 times a week. Tomorrow, I might come home after school pick-up and disappear in my world while she plays on her own or watches TV. We shall see.

One day at a time towards a great week…

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