Just Love (Love, Letting go of upsets, Making family life work)

Bedtime for her was its usual laughing, tackling, snuggling affair that put us both to sleep. Oops.

But the day was not without its rough spots. We had had a fun afternoon shopping for Valentine’s for her classmates. Later, we mixed a little tennis instruction with two games she invented. Good fun.

But early evening, I was preparing dinner, and I saw five different piles of her items around the great room. In my tired state, it upset me. I called her and lectured her about not treating it like it’s her room only.

Her – “Okay, sorry.”

Not so fast.

During the course of this, I was reminded of her munching crackers and then grapefruit on the couch earlier. “How many times have I told you not to eat on the couch?” She nodded in agreement.

After my lecture, we sat down for dinner. I was now irritable, and she was decidedly fine. She came over to me at the table, lifted my arm up, put it around her shoulder and said, “I love you, Daddy.” I embraced her. It did soften me up. “I love you, too, and can you understand that it’s frustrating to ask the same thing over and over again?” She nodded. Fast forward to bedtime. We’re laughing and playing…

Me – “How is it that I can get upset with you, you say okay and sorry and a moment later you are bouncing around happily?”

Before she could answer, I added…

Me – “Is it because you know I’m right (about not dumping things all over the house and eating on the couch)?”

Her – “No, it’s because I love you.”

I chuckled, amused and humbled by her spirit…

Me – “Come on, you must have a secret to going back to happiness so quickly.”

Her – “No. No secret.”

Guess not since her secret is out. Just love.

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