Skipping to Class (Playfulness, Letting go of what others think)

Like most parents, I try to make the ride to school and the walk to class enjoyable; to prime her energy and thinking for a fun and satisfying day.

Yesterday morning, we were in that good space walking into the school grounds…

Her – “Daddy, let’s skip!”

I momentarily thought about others watching a grown man skipping through school but then dismissed the care and started skipping with her. When we got to her classroom door, it took a while for the teacher to answer. She waited there, and I kept skipping in circles in the waiting area.

Me – “Come on, let’s skip while we wait!”

She shook her head no. She was fine.

Had thought we could have one more climactic skip together that would send her off into her day flying high emotionally. Hence, the extra effort. Not to be. So, I leaped into the air to finish it off doing an airborne dancer’s sidekick. Just then her teacher emerged and looked at me…

Teacher – “Trying to keep warm?”

Actually, I was just trying to warm up my daughter for her teachers, but I I just laughed and went on my way.

One tries.

Have to say, skipping did put me in a really good mood. No wonder my girl does it all the time!

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