A Winning Spirit (Consciousness, Competition, Changing attitude, Dealing with losing, The game of life)

She is quite competitive along with that happy, skipping innocent spirit. On several occasions, I’ve seen her boldly go for the victory amongst a group of people and revel in her vision materializing. But I don’t emphasize winning in games around home, so I don’t see that side of her much. Today, however, we were playing a new, harder memory game she recently received. Good thing, because she beat me often at age five with the other! This time, I pulled ahead, and she started to fuss. “You have more!” While I cheered her on when she found more pairs, my lead grew. Her attitude soured. “I’m winning because I’m having more fun. Whoever has more fun wins. You’re losing because you have a poor attitude,” I said. She responded competitively to this, too. “I’m going to change my attitude!” In the end, I got the most pairs. She put her head between her legs and teared up. I tried to nudge her out of it but to no avail. “Come here, let me give you a hug.” She resisted. “Loving is winning,” I said calmly. She edged over and into my arms and her tension melted away. We played another game, which she won while I watched Rihanna videos and she wiggled her front tooth and took trips to the bathroom mirror. Wins and losses with this and that will be a lifelong reality, but it matters less if you can stay grounded in winning at the game of life first. A challenge for one and all…

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