Don’t Push the River (Ease, Allowing, Wisdom of a child)

Khalil Gibrahn, author of the classic ‘The Prophet’ wrote, ‘Take me away from the religion that does not bow before children.’ Granted, we adults have much to impart on children, but we musn’t dismiss their inherent wisdom. They are, after all, still more connected to the unseen dimension of life than we are.

On this subject, the other day, I said to my girl, “Your spirit is big, bright and powerful. You just have a little body, right now.” This perspective honors her space in our home as much as my own or any other. It also honors her light, which is brighter than mine and her wisdom, which seeps out here and there.

So… yesterday she was playing with our tablet and did something to make every app disappear and prevent it from turning off. While I was concerned and a bit irritated, I reminded myself that Being able to see was more important than a tablet, that my parents and her were far more important than some measly data. That helped. She felt bad, so I made sure she knew I understood it wasn’t her fault. “Accidents happen.”

While I tried the same things again repeatedly letting out an occasional sigh or groan, she said, “Daddy, why don’t you just let it rest and leave it for a while. Then maybe it will start working.” It sounded good philosophically, but it made no logical sense. “No, that doesn’t make any sense. It’s a machine.”

Well, in the end, my only option other than tossing it in the lagoon was to follow her advice; let the battery wear out, forcing it to turn off. So, it rested for the next few hours. I skipped doing all the things I normally do at night on it. Finally, it went dead. Plugged it in and… everything came back. I thought about what she had said. She was right. Not ‘pushing the river’ was exactly what worked. We think they know so little…

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