Gross Laughter (Humor, Playfulness, Daddy specialties)

This morning started out with a belly laugh.

First, you have to know that I still have remnants from my 12yr-old boy self who comes out in my relationship with her now and then. That is to say, I have no problem with making light of bodily sounds or letting her do so. Okay, I don’t let her burp freely in restaurants.

Anyway, she was getting dressed this morning. I stuck my finger out in front of her. Thinking I was just pestering her, she gave me a sour look.

Me – “Pull my finger.”

She giggled and pulled it.

Insert bodily sound.

Her – “Gross! That’s disgusting. In my bathroom!”

I laughed.

Her – “I’m going to burp in your bathroom!”

She took three steps, leaned her head through the partition into my bathroom and burped.

I howled with laughter at her response. She giggled, pleased.

A fine start to our day.

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