Now She Spots It (Humor, Indirect communication, Being truthful)

I like to think I’m pretty good at detecting indirect communication – as in concealed secondary motives. And, with my girl, I’ve always called her on them.

One time, when she was very little, she was trying to stay up late. I was out by a backyard fire, and she had gotten up a couple times. On her third attempt to extend her day I heard her say to a friend on the lanai, “I know.. I’ll tell him I love him.” It didn’t work.

And, I guess she has caught on over the years to spotting indirect communication, too. This afternoon, instead of getting frustrated about her leaving a mess by the TV table I said, “Oh, I left that mess there. Let me clean that up before we do our project.”

As I gathered up the wrappers…

Her – “Daddy, I know you’re trying to get me to clean up.”


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