She Agrees with Pharrell (Happiness, Humor)

Driving to Trader Joe’s. Randomly I heard…

Her – “Crabs are (the) worst, ice cream is good, and love is perfect.”

Me – ‘Why are crabs the worst?”

Her – “Because they pinch you.”

Me – “Why is ice cream good?”

Her – “Because it’s yummy!”

Me – “Why is love perfect?”

Her – “People loving each other. Like you love me and I love you.”

Me – “And what does that do?”

Her – “Happiness.”

It’s interesting to me that when I dig through her life philosophy, at its core, it always leads to two things:

1) Happiness is home base
2) Loving and feeling loved facilitates happiness

If she can stay connected to this, she’ll have one heck of a rich, satisfying life. I’m grateful for her example. I learn from her.

“Clap your hands if you feel like Happiness is the Truth.”

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