Always Blooming (Love, Self-image)

At school pick-up, walking back to the car…

Me – “How did you get more beautiful again? You woke up this morning more beautiful than yesterday. Now I pick you up and you’re more beautiful than when I dropped you off!”

I could see her smiling a little, feeling loved. We climbed into the car…

Me – “You’re like a flower. A flower is at first a bud but then opens up and shares its beauty. Same with you. Every day you grow and open up more and share more of the beauty that is in you.”

Her – “At night, while I’m sleeping, I’m a bud. But then I wake up and I’m I’m full!”

Me – “That’s right.”

And, indeed, every morning she wakes up and blesses me with her happy and colorful spirit. I look forward to seeing how she blossoms in the coming year.

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