‘The Trying Girl’ (Persistence, Boldness, Power thinking)

Though she has always been a determined girl in her own right, I’ve complemented that by insisting that she persist and try diligently to figure things out on her own.

Now, she calls herself the ‘trying girl‘ because she doesn’t give up easily. If she is tempted to, which happens with difficult tasks, a reminder about her nickname will often get her will back into focus. Now, she is turning it on me…

Today in the car…

Me – “By the way, I think (a woman she knew I am interested in) is too young. I just found out her age, and she is younger than I thought.”

Her – “Aww… but I really wanted you to have her.”

Me – “Well, what if I’m too old for her?”

Her – “Then you’re too old.”


Her – “But try.”

Me – “Try?”

Her – “Yeah.”

We shall see. I had pretty much closed the case until she had to use my own advice on me. But at the very least I am pleased that the girl I do have values persistence and boldness.

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