Three Little Wins (Looking for the positives, Habits, Power thinking, Law of attraction)

Recently, on our way to school…

Her – “School is boring.”

Me – “It’s boring? But almost every day when I pick you up you say you had a good day.”

Her – “They just make you sit there and do work.”

Me – “But don’t you get to choose your activities?”

She continued on that she wanted to play more, move around more, and be more creative. We were nearing school, and, since I couldn’t transform her school into the artistic play land of our dreams, I thought I could at least try to help her reshape her focus and then possibly the experiences she attracts to herself.

Me – “Ok, well do you think when I pick you up you can tell me three fun things you did? Maybe the whole day won’t be fun, but I know you can have three things to tell me. I’d like to hear that.”

Her – “Okay.”

Six hours later she plopped into the back seat at school pick-up. She was rather talkative for once telling me about her day without me asking.

Her – “There’s two things!”

Me – “Two things? Oh… you remembered that from this morning! Did you think about that during the day?”

Her – “Mmh.” (yes)

I was surprised and delighted. Turns out it had affected her focus all day. She named her third item.

Since that day, she has lamented several times that she would rather be home schooled despite liking her teachers and classmates. That hasn’t changed.

But, now, she often notes three things she enjoyed about her school day or her day in general. She also challenges me to come up with three things. Today, in fact, she plopped in the car with a smile on her face saying, “Three things!”

I’m excited because she is learning to direct her focus, intentionally.

Three little wins.

Don’t go to sleep without them.

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