7 Wonders of Her World (Bedtime routines, Appreciation, Enjoying the journey)

I started it with her one morning when she said school was boring. Since then, it’s gradually become another one of our nighttime rituals…

“Think of three wonderful things about your day”

Tonight, as she was exhausted, I listed them for her

Me – “Enjoying math with your teacher and everyone being so proud of you. Shopping for a new bathing suit with Nonna. Finding Gabby’s doll which made her day. Tracy giving you that special gift…”

Her – “And loving Daddy! That’s five!”

I chuckled, amused and touched

Me – “And loving you. Give yourself a big hug.”

She wrapped her arms around herself then turned back to me…

Her – And loving Daddy more. That’s seven!”

She knows that’s my favorite number, and it’s on her mind since she just turned that age.

Me – “You’re developing a wonderful habit (by reviewing wonderful things from her day) that will help you your entire life. I’m going to learn from you.”

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