Home Base Daddy (Deep bond, Quality time, Family, Grandparents)

Yesterday evening, I finished a home repair project for the day and immediately shifted into rolling the garbage bins down the drive. She ran after me while Nonna called her to bed from the door.

Me – “Nonna is calling you.”

Her – “Daddy, I just want to run with you.”

It occurred to me that, though she had been wonderfully attended to, she wanted some time with me. Besides, it wouldn’t delay her bedtime by much.

Me – “Ok.”

As we reached the end of the drive…

Me – “Nonna sure spends a lot of time with you, doesn’t she?”

Her – “Uhhuh… because she loves me.”

Indeed, my Mom had done math, helped her write a story, played Legos and prepped her for bed. My girl sees all of that quality time as an expression of love.

But, even as helpful as my Mom is when she’s in town, I’m still home base for my daughter. She still wants that quality time with me, and that’s fine by me. I love being her home base in life.

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