A Separate Species (Humor, Stages, Being yourself)

Driving to school, I flipped the music on to find my ease again after getting stressed about leaving with just enough time to get to school. God forbid I’m late and put her childhood wellness ahead of rote system compliance! Anyway, I digress…

Music playing, I belted out with Ed Sheeran…

Me – “Baby, I..”

Her – “Daddy, that’s just weird what you said now.”

Me – “What? Baby I? That was weird?”

Her – “Yeah.”

Me – “Oh.

Quietly, I noted to myself this change in perception, like I was now a separate species. I thought I had until ten or twelve before I would be considered out of it.

We did make it to school with one minute to spare, though. I guess that makes me normal. Sigh. I’d rather be weird.

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