Childhood Comes First (School, Rich days, Playfulness, Imagination)

As, lately, I’ve been trying to be more on board with the onerous 8am school start time, I have been impinging upon my philosophy that school should serve childhood and not the other way around. However, I balanced things out today. Picked her up early. They can’t mark me for that!

It was fantastic; just an extra forty minutes, but it gave us more space. When she got home, I let her watch a little TV before insisting that she skip the cartoon ponies and play outside in her bathing suit while a friend and I washed our cars.

Soon, it was onto the pool where she rode the inflatable shark while I offered different challenges to surmount. She defeated a killer whale, giant jelly fish and squid, pirates, miniature scorpions, and sharks. She loved it! When I was ready to stop she begged for me to get more creative. So, the beach balls became eyeball monsters and the pool floats were mammoth, chomping sea lips. I urged her to kick, hit and bite, which, I realize, is the opposite message she us getting about human problem-solving. But if an eyeball monster is attacking you don’t just sit there! It teaches her to be proactive and resourceful when necessary. She defeated everything, and I crowned her queen of the sea!

Next, we flowed into Earth Day. She wanted to make butterfly gifts for some friends, so she designed them while I made paper trees, a flower and a sun. Like most children, she loves being creative together.

She ended her day jumping on the bed while she belted out affirmations – “I’m blessed. I’m loved. I’m worthy!” This was followed by tickling and countless little sweet words and kisses from her to me.

While I appreciate the school she attends and love and respect her warm, thoughtful, dedicated teachers, I can’t wait for summer to try to create more days like this.

Childhood comes first, and I’ve got to try hard to make sure that’s the case.

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