Hard Stuff First (Prioritizing, Work ethic, Single parenting)

As usual, heading into a weekend, the question on my mind was how to balance giving her a rich weekend with tending to my tasks. She helped me through the process…

Me – “Should we go to Lowe’s first to get the swing working well, or should I get some roof work done while you watch TV?”

Her – “Yeah, yeah, yeah, do the roof!”

Me – “Well…”

Her – “Daddy, do the roof. Get the hard work done first.”

I chuckled. It’s something I have told her numerous times, though I don’t recall doing so in months.

Me – “Okay. Where did you learn that, by the way? Who told you that?”

Her – “No-one. Myself.”

Me – “Uh… I think I told you that.”

Her – “Yeah.”

And with that, she headed to the TV to watch cartoon ponies in the air conditioning while I got soaked with sweat on the roof. I was happy to have her nudge on a project I didn’t really want to tackle, even if it was coupled with the ulterior motive to watch cartoons.

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