Keep it Like Me (Happiness, Fulfillment)

We were driving to see a friend this weekend and had just crossed a bridge…

Her – “New day! New possibilities!”

I chuckled.

Her – “How come you didn’t say it?”

It’s something I usually belt out with a trumpet sound each morning as we cross a certain bridge.

Me – “Well, I usually only say that on the way to school. Do you want me to do it now?”

Her – “Yeah.”

Me – ‘Newwwww dayyyyy! Newwww… possibilities!!! Da da da da!”

Me – “Why do you like that?”

Her – “Because it’s fun.”

Me – I also like it because it’s hopeful. It’s saying life can be better today and in the future.”

Her – “Oh.”

Me – “But you don’t really think like that, do you?”

Her – “No.”

Me – “You like your life right now, today, don’t you?”

Her – “Yes.”

Me – “Good. Keep it that way.”

Her – “You keep it like that, too.”

Me – “Like you?”

Her – “Yeah. Keep it like me.”

Me – “I’m working on it, Bear. Working on it.”

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