Music to My Ears (Self-love, Bedtime routines, Gratitude, Health community)

Tonight, it was a tight schedule to get her to bed on time with other things on my plate. When we finally settled for her nightly snuggle, I could relax and breathe. After she settled, I asked her to share three wonderful things from the day. With a little help, she listed a number of things as she likes to list seven. My favorite was, “Number five is that I’m healthy, wonderful and have a good heart.” It was music to my ears that she included herself as something fantastic in her day. Wow. She was a tad bashful when she said “wonderful” perhaps realizing most would find it unusual to speak about oneself in that way, but I affirmed it. “You are healthy, wonderful, and you do have a good heart.” I’m thrilled that, at this point, in her life journey, she has deeply embedded a strong, positive sense of self. She gets most of the credit, and then my deep appreciation to all the loving people who have related to her in a way that makes her feel this way.

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