Feeling More Powerful (Self-image, Order in home)

Suffice it to say that I reached my threshold on being able to handle a messy play room. It was partly my fault because I hadn’t stuck to they clean-up system I outlined for myself. Piles had formed. Furniture was covered. Enough! I was over it, and she got the message. We ended up spending six hours over two days transforming it into a clear, uncluttered, organized room.

As we neared completion, I thought of a children’s desk that I had let renters use for the last few years. I retrieved it, cleaned it and placed it in her immaculate playroom. She jumped up and down with joy to have a real desk, and then she proceeded to decorate it very carefully. We had dinner in her now sparkling room on her little table.

At one point, she said something quite profound…

Her – “I feel like a woman with that desk.”

Me – “It makes you feel like a woman? It makes you feel powerful like it’s your space to create things?”

Her – “Yeah.”

Her comment surprised me, but I understood. My renters and I all use desks. Her teachers have desks. As far as she is concerned, productive women have desks. Hers will be great for her development as well as for creative projects.

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