Play Gives Glimpses (Authentic self, Free play, Imagination, Entrepreneurship)

It’s very important to me that I notice my girl‘s talents and inclinations early in life and that I support her in staying connected to them as she grows up. And, while I’ve been watchful, it’s very much a process. Recently, in a commitment to keep our house clean, I decided to make the tablet and TV usage conditional. She could use them if her room, the back of the car, her playroom and the great room were reasonably well cleaned. That coupled with clean up before dinner and a Friday family clean up hour I figured would do the trick. And. indeed, it seems to be the case! What I wasn’t realizing when I took these away until she established a track record of responsibility with cleaning was that it would compel her to return to creative child play where she might discover her inclinations. Today, when I shut down TV time while I had been napping, she disappeared in her play room. When I returned from getting some things done, she had created a store with various items. They were mainly jewelry type items as well as her attempt at an origami wolf. I said nothing but watched her do business with our friends who rent. She made out with $9. They are sweet and generous with her. I had had absolutely zero to do with any part of the idea. But it reminded me of her comment once, “Someday when I grow up I want to make things for people.” Her destiny was not figured out today, but the inclinations of her authentic self revealed themselves just as they do in other ways. Play is the key. It reminds me of how Joseph Campbell advised people to give themselves an hour a day to just play with ideas and to see where your inclinations lead you. I’ll keep watching hers.

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