Sweet Passion (Love, Finding your passion)

It was bed time, and I had just asked her to tell me about her day. This led us to discussing teachers she has had in her years at her current school. She mentioned one who used to raise her voice a lot and another who did not…

Her – “Ms. Kat didn’t yell. She just asked kindly.”

Me – “Guess I’m both. I start out kindly, but when you don’t listen after a while I use a louder firmer voice.”

She nodded in agreement.

Me – “It’s your passion.”

It’s a phrase I’ve used with her many times in a sarcastic way for her to look at the impact of her actions.

Her – “No it isn’t.”

Then she edged toward me said, “This is,” and gave me a kiss.

Me – “Awww. That’s sweet.”

Her – “Actually, YOU are my passion.”

Well, I’m sure she’ll discover a great many passions in her magical life, and I’m glad to be considered one of them now.

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