Inspired by Cleanliness (Order, Structure, Uplifting home environment)


It’s amazing to see the power of creating order in one’s space such as we did recently with her playroom.

We arrived home in the evening, and after she had tidied up her spots and readied for the next day, I noticed her at her play room table.

Me – “What are you doing?”

Her – “Oh, it’s a math workbook.”

Me – “Didn’t you already do math at school today?”

Her – “Yeah, but I want to do this.”

I was washing dishes and shook my head. My girl who gets complaints from teachers that she talks with her friends instead of doing math, and here she is choosing to do it alone. Decided to just let her be and stay up a little longer. Her instincts were leading her down this road, and I didn’t want to interrupt.

Twenty minutes later, a friend of ours stopped in. She asked her about it.

FriendĀ – “I have homework, too.”

Her – “This isn’t homework, because I wanted to do it.”

Shook my head again and chuckled. Now that’s my kind of learning. Loving that clean play room. She wants to be in it, and it’s allowing her instincts to surface…

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