Because We’re Family (Values, Teamwork, Making family life work)

Tonight, after dinner, I reminded her to take care of her plate. She washed it off, put it in the dishwasher and then started to saunter off.

Me – “Bellina, can you take care of these dishes, too?”

I sort of expected the “Why do I have to do that?” attitude I often get (and promptly override), but, instead, she just went right to it. When she was done…

Her – “Anything else?”

Me – “No, that’s enough, I’ll get the rest. I really appreciate you doing that and not whining about it.”

For a moment, I thought about rewarding her with a dollar as she’s been asking how she can make extra dollars, but I bit my lip. Let her just do it because when you’re a family you do your part. That’s what I always tell her, anyway.

Her reward was helping our family life work and being appreciated for it.

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