Pushing Each Other (Playful parenting, Structure)

Tried to do something fun and creative by making a video of my girl talking about sharks. Indeed, it was a good time. We had many good laughs. But she somehow convinced me when she was in bed to film it one more time to see if she could do it better. So then, with school the next morning, I felt the pressure to get it done. We didn’t. I eventually called the curtain on production for the day, and she let go.

In bed, snuggling she commented indirectly…

Her – “You and I are best friends.”

I made a sound of agreement

Her – “We’re not just best friends. We’re besties.”

Okay, well, I’ve never been called a bestie, but I decided to go with it

Her – “But only one of us gets annoyed, and his name is… Eric.”

I laughed. She giggled.

A few minutes later, now way past her bed time, still restless, I got irritated and a little impatient.

Her – “Daddy, don’t get annoyed again. Be fun.”

Me – “Be fun?”

Her – “Yeah.”

Granted, it’s hard for her to grasp the demands of parenting to make her life work well, but it’s also hard to counter her statement. After all, I was to blame for letting her stay up so late that I felt like I had to rush her to sleep.

Guess we push each other. She pushes me to be more playful. I push her to adhere somewhat to structure. Neither of us have it down perfectly.

Oh well. She fell asleep happy, and that’s what’s important.

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