Crossing the Line (Self-respect, Open communication)

We were having dinner on the dock, and she was dancing in between bites. At one point, she wiggled her butt in an exaggerated manner and then laughed referencing a popular song’s video about the subject.

Her – “Isn’t it funny that the girls do that?”

By funny I knew she meant – sort of odd.

Me – “Do you like it?”

She shook her head no.

Her – “Do you?”

Hmmm… how to answer that one?

Me – “Well, I think maybe they cross the line into not being respectful to themselves. What do you think?”

She agreed.

Me – “I do like that they are free with their bodies, though. I guess each woman needs to decide for herself where the line is between being free with her body and disrespecting herself. And they cross the line in that video.”

That answer seemed to make sense to her.

We walked off the dock.

Me – “Who showed you that video, anyway?”

Her – “You.”

Me – “Me? No! Really?”

Guess that was in one of my ‘you can’t shield your kid completely from popular culture’ moments. Better to be the one gently bringing to their attention things that they will encounter and have to make sense of than to just keep them in a bubble and cross your fingers.

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