Angels Among Us (Grandparents, Creative singing, Appreciation)

I’m always excited when I pick up my daughter. Today was no exception. And, with the school year ending, there is additional excitement in the air with positive anticipation of a summer of growth, adventure, learning and creativity.

So, I got to singing a song about her in a silly operatic voice…

Me – “Once upon a time, there was a baby named Isabella who grew into agirl who was happy, talented, smart, powerful…”

You get the point. She chuckled, appreciating the affirming remarks and then launching into a song about Daddy.

This went on for some time, including a second round of it after a stop at the grocery store. Finally, as we pulled into our driveway with me still singing…

Me – “Once upon a time, there was a girl who was raised by her Daddy and Elves… ”

I proceeded to name women who had been a nurturing presence in her life since she was little as well as my parents, Nonna and Papa.”

She quickly interrupted me…

Her – “Daddy, they’re not Elves. They’re Angels. Nonna is an Angel. Papadoodle, too.”

Well, I couldn’t agree more. They are angels.

They have complemented her life and my journey as a near full-time single parent in countless ways, adding love, affection, playfulness and new experiences to her childhood. I’ll forever be grateful for her angels.

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