Tomboy Barbie Talk (Girl power)

At Panera’s tonight, she played with a Barbie while munching. While I’ve never purchased one for her, I’ve accepted her existence in our home as of last Christmas. Today, one of our pals gave her Barbie clothes from her childhood, and suddenly playing with the doll became interesting again. As she excitedly showed me the clothes, purse, comb…

Me – “Where’s her hammer?”

Her – “She doesn’t have a hammer.”

Me – “Why not? No drill? No soccer ball? No…”

Her – “She doesn’t…”

Me – “You mean all she does is just go around and say, “Oh, my hair. He he he” ?”

She giggled.

Her – “She’s not a tomboy.”

Me – “You’re not either, and you can do everything. You know how to use a hammer. You know how to use a saw. So she should be able to, as well.”

Her – “Yeah, well…”

She was interested in dressing her. No problem. Hidden motive for my communication achieved. Back to my broccoli cheddar soup…

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