Cultivating Generosity (Abundance, Sharing, Freedom to choose)


The other day, she danced by my desk singing, “Generosity! Generosity! Generosity!” She wiggled her way into her room, and I watched, unbeknownst to her, as she kept on singing and making cheerleader like moves… “Generosity! Generosity!”

I thought it amusing as, while she is quite generous with her love, she can be quite the Princess at times when it comes to sharing. Oddly, the next day, a book arrived from her Nonna and Pappa (my parents), and the message my Mom wrote as well as the book were about generosity.

And, so today an opportunity arose to facilitate that..

It was after dinner, and she discovered some cherry pie in the freezer that I thought was on the questionable side to eat.

Me – “Why don’t you use your $20 from Nonna to get ice cream?”

Her – “Yeah!”

She raced off and reappeared strutting boldly…

Her – “And, this is my money to spend how I want to, Daddy… on ice cream!”

That was her feeling liberated from my parenting. As she had claimed she was too tired to brush her teeth the night before, I told her she would have to wait to use the ice cream money until she showed she would take care of her teeth.

I said nothing. I understood. Besides, I was interested in the subject of generosity

Me – “You could buy me ice cream.”

She gave me an uncertain look

Me – “And, you could ask Tracy if she wants to go and buy her ice cream, too.”

I could tell she was not liking this idea.

Me – “Bellina, not only do you have enough to buy everyone ice cream, but you’ll have enough left over to get yourself more ice cream another time.”

Her – “Okay!”

I guess she felt that was a good balance of self-care and generosity. I understand.

She raced off to find our friend Tracy and ask her if she’d like to join.

Her – “Tracy said yes. She’s coming!”

Me – “And you’re going to buy everyone ice cream with your money?”

Her – “Yes.”

Me – “Well, I’ll tell you what. Since you are being so generous in sharing your money, when we get back, I’m going to give you back some of that money you spend.”

She felt very good about herself. It was all over her face.

We had a delicious ice cream down the street, and when we got back, I gave her $7. She was delighted.

I think it was a good experience for her spirit and mind…

Being generous feels good
I have enough to give
It’s more fun to share
When I come from abundance, life responds with abundance
I may be a kid, but I can do things for adults that positively affect them

Of course, she isn’t articulating any of these thoughts in her mind exactly this way, but the ideas and beliefs are forming.

And, our friend Tracy couldn’t have been sweeter with her or more appreciative, which just reinforced it all.

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