My Happiness Teacher (Happiness, Reverence for children)


Today, we both created collages of feelings, ideals and dreams. Originally, I intended it to be a project for her to envision her summer, but I just let it become more general. My favorite comment came early on as she cut out the words ‘Where fun is…’

Me – “Ooh, that’s a nice one to put in your collage. Where is fun?”

Her – “In your heart.”

Of course she’d say that. And, I was thinking she’d talk about something external like swimming, drawing or playing on the tablet. Nope. Fun comes from the spirit you bring to things.

As she neared completion after several hours, I chuckled to myself.

She was singing and having a great time. I was hungry, tired, and though I tire of admitting it in these posts, a bit off compared to her joyful state. It occurred to me that what I was trying to do through my collage was to get to a certain level of happiness in life. To myself I remarked…

Me – “She’s already there. She’s already there.”

Her – “What, Daddy?”

Me – “Oh, I’m just talking to myself.”

Learning from her is more like it.

What I wrote reminds of the words popularized by Dr. Wayne Dyer – “There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way.” She is a little master at this, and I am her student.

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