River of Happiness (Happiness, Allowing, Going with the flow, Letting go of little things)

Late afternoon, having finished a collage project, I collapsed on my bed. I was exhausted, mainly from being up late the night before. She was positively giddy. So, I tackled her, and we commenced wrestling. She soon had me laughing hysterically as I let her feel the power of pinning me down and tickling my armpits.

We eventually switched gears to doing our seven pages of Brain Quest. My tired side returned and her giddy side remained. After we finished, I had to ask what I’ve asked her many times…

Me – “How is it you’re so happy?”

Her – “I just always am.”

Well, it’s not always, but it’s over the 90% mark, certainly.

Me – “Do you wake up and start thinking a certain way? Do you do something to feel happy? Or, is it just that there is this River of Happiness flowing through you?”

Her – “Happiness.”

Me – “Like a river?”

Her – “Yeah.”

Me – “Well, why does yours flow so much more fully and easily than mine? Do you think I have a River of Happiness?”

Her – “A little one.”


She turned her focus as I thought out loud…

Me – “Maybe it’s just that I develop expectations. I should, you should, this person shouldn’t, my life should…”

She develops expectations, but she lets go of unmet expectations very quickly. It’s like her kayak has gotten stuck on a bolder for a moment in her River of Happiness, but the force of the River is so strong that it dislodges her and pulls her back into the flow.

I swear, watching her do life, it’s just like that. Kids are pretty amazing.

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