It Started at Zero (Love, Stability, Nurturing, Bedtime routines)

Tonight, at bed time, after a day filled with activities that tired her out, I peered into her eyes…

Me – “When did you first know you are amazing?”

Her – “Right now.”

Me – “No, really. When did you first know?”

Her – “When I was at zero.”

Me – “Zero? What does that mean?”

Her – “When I was in Mamma’s belly.”

Me – “You knew it then? You understood that you were alive then and that you are amazing?”

Her – “Mmh (yes).”

Me – “Could you hear anything?”

Her – “Yes. It sounded like (she made muffled, garbled sounds).”

Me – “Did you feel loved?”

Her – “Mmh.”

Me – “Where was it coming from?”

Her – “From Mamma and from Dadda.” (nickname)

Then she pulled me in close to try to get me to tickle her neck while she dodged me and giggled.

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