Persuasion Over Force (Peaceful parenting, Fostering personal responsibility, Setting example)

There are some times, of course, where I just insist on her doing something that I know is for her highest good. However, it feels best for both of us when she understands the reason and makes the choice herself.

Today, we had such a moment. We were heading out to play some tennis, and I paused to brush my teeth. She had had a little ice cream and lunch and needed to, as well. The impulse to tell her to brush arose, but I let it drift on, choosing, instead, to see what she’d do. My only hopeful bait was commentary on my own reason for delaying going outside…

Me – “I just ate so I need to brush.”

She waited, tennis racket in hand, and watched me for a while.

Her – “Should I?”

Me – “That’s up to you – if you want strong, healthy teeth.”

Her – “I do.”

And, she brushed. It’s wonderful when it can work like this.

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